Hi Rose, I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful yoga sessions, particularly the last few sessions have been very relaxing and just what I needed.  Your yoga classes just get better and better. An oasis of calm in a turbulent world. Thank you so much.

……………………………………………………..Helen, Matfen Hall Yoga Class

I can’t believe the difference I am beginning to feel now from learning so much from you.  On my dog walking last week, I found myself with the onset of a “mini migraine” (used to suffer really badly with them but only get a little bit of distorted vision in one eye followed by a mild headache – a couple of painkillers deals with it nowadays) – only halfway round the route and with no painkillers, I thought I’d try my breathing exercises.  By the end of the walk my vision was right again and no headache – maybe it was coincidence, but something certainly worked!!  The hand and finger exercises you gave us last week are great.  I have arthritis in my middle finger, and although I do hand and finger exercises every morning before I get up, I have added yours now and what a difference; I also do that one sitting on the chair in the evening too.  One very happy camper, as they say!!

……………………………………………………………….G.L. Greenside Yoga Class

 I had never been to a yoga class until I joined Rose’s class in June 2013. I was looking for something to help me to relax and calm me down following the death of my husband in April 2013, and also wanted to ensure that I kept my body supple. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but found a lovely class of ladies who welcomed me, together with an excellent yoga teacher.

Rose believes in working with the breath and the body. It has taken some time for me to be able to incorporate this into daily life, but I’m so glad I found Rose’s class. I have found practising my breathing so helpful emotionally, along with so many other exercises that are easily fitted into the daily routine – exercises to keep the hands and fingers supple, to extend my reach when stretching up, to alleviate cramp in the foot, to keep the shoulders from tightening up, to help tension in the back of the neck, to strengthen the thighs and minimise wear and tear on the knees. I could go on at length!

I particularly enjoy the class, which is always full of fun, because it gives me what I want – to be able to keep myself supple and fit within my capabilities, and to be able to control my emotions. It’s something I look forward to every week.

…………………………….Grace, Tyne & Wear, June 2014

Shine Bright Like A Diamondare the words of one  of Rhianna’s greatest hits, and that’s the spirit that Rose brings into  everything that she does, including her fantastic holistic treatments and  yoga classes. To be truly happy you need to be in balance with a healthy body  and mind, and so many of us find just that with Rose’s yoga classes.

Serenity,meditation, peace of mind, me time,  recharge your batteries, exercise – people come for so many  different reasons. It’s a gentle way to exercise mind and body,  as well as a great way to tone up and strengthen your core.

There’s also lots of laughter in Rose’s classes – they are truly happy spaces. And as Rose will always say, there’s always an  exercise you can do in your daily life. Whether it’s at home, or driving, or  standing in the queue at the supermarket!

The emphasis is on enjoying the journey, the whole  experience. It’s non competitive, and fosters new friendships also. And Rose now  leads yoga trips as far afield as Italy, as well as retreats closer to home.

As a relative novice to yoga, which I started just  a few years ago with Rose, I can truly say that it’s brought a real peace into  my life. And is also something I look forward to in a busy world of work, to  keep me grounded and happy, – with the additional benefits of hopefully toning  up and staying fit too!  Rose is a totally caring person, and it’s no  surprise that her holistic treatments, including shiatsu, reflexology, and  massage are such a hit too.

So if you’ve never tried any of the treatments, or wondered what’s so special about yoga, and all those people in the papers you  see, looking fit, and carrying their yoga mats about, why not give it a  try?!. If I can do it, anyone can. And I’m so glad that I finally discovered the joys of yoga.

……………………………W.G. Northumberland, 2013

I had experienced unexplained infertility for over ten years and had experienced one attempt with IVF which was not successful. I felt I could not go through with the IVF again as I had found it very stressful – they had had to use the highest doses of hormone stimulation due to my age. I had been told my history of infertility meant I only had a one in a hundred chance of conceiving naturally.

I spoke to Rose, and she agreed to try some Shiatsu treatments to help with conception. I began to receive treatments from Rose, and miraculously I became pregnant after two treatments (much to the amazement of the fertility clinic I had been attending – and everyone else too!). I continued to have Shiatsu throughout the pregnancy, which I found very relaxing and supportive.

I also asked Rose to provide Shiatsu during labour. I found the treatment really helpful. I am convinced that it helped to reduce the amount of pain relief I needed, and enabled me to have a normal delivery at 41 years of age with a first baby. Daniel is now eight years old, and recently on his baptism, we were delighted when Rose agreed to be a Godmother.

I continue to have regular Shiatsu treatments’ which I find very beneficial. I am always happy to refer friends and family to Rose, particularly if they are wanting to have a baby and experiencing difficulty in conceiving.

Throughout the last nine years we have always found Rose to be very professional and supportive.

…………………Helen Richardson, Northumberland.


Shiatsu with Rose for me is about having some ‘me time’ where my mind body and spirit comes together and is nurtured and cared for. However their was a difference in the treatments while I was pregnant, it was an even more special time. I really felt I was connecting with my body and my baby, helping with bonding while he was still in the womb.

The Shiatsu treatment helped by balancing my energy, releasing tension on a physical level. Mentally I was balanced and felt emotionally calmer, which as you can appreciate benefits both you and your baby. After the treatment I often felt like a different person, light in my body, ready to cope with life and emotionally better about myself. Oh and the most fantastic nights sleep, which often becomes more difficult through pregnancy.

I also had Shiatsu during labour this was a great source of energy, it helped me to stay focused and supported me with my birth plan of not wanting additional pain relief if at all possible. It not only assisted me to relax and calm me down, it was a helpful way for my partner to get involved, really doing something to support me.

I would like to thank Rose for her continued love, support and healing energy throughout. I look forward to the next pregnancy and birth.

…………………………Sarah Addison, Tyne & Wear.


My name is Carole and I first started having reiki a couple of years ago. I was given a gift voucher from a very caring friend who had sessions herself and who thought it would help me through the grief of losing my beautiful husband.  I was always very sceptical about such things and it took me nine months to take up the appointment, but I am so grateful I did!

I have monthly sessions now and can never envisage a time when I will stop as I have gained so much emotional strength from them.

Reiki, from my very special therapist Rose, has given me many things, not least of all a very true friend.

The sessions are not always the same but they always relax me and give me a sense of peace and calm.  The ‘healing’, as I now think of it, works in different ways for me.  Sometimes it gives me renewed energy, sometimes it gives me answers, sometimes it clears my mind, sometimes it opens my heart to new possibilities, and sometimes it just ‘is’.

In the early days especially I would cry and found the emotion overwhelming, but I realised that was okay too.

Whatever your need I would say to anyone now to give it a try.  Be open minded – it will surprise you.  You will be so glad you did.

…………………………Carole, Tyne & Wear


In 1994 aged 60 I suffered with back pain and had difficulty sleeping. An x ray showed “wear and tear” and I was given pain killers.

My Doctor gave me Rose`s details and said she had helped a number of his patients-he could not guarantee that it would help and explained it was not available on the NHS.

I was prepared to try anything! Rose came to my home and worked out a treatment plan to suit my needs. After the first session I slept better and for a couple of days had no pain. however the pain returned and once again after my next treatment I slept well and pain free. After the third treatment the pain disappeared!

it is now 2009 and I still see Rose regularly every 4-5 weeks. I am now 75! and I am not on any medication and feel my good health is due to reflexology with Rose!

I have paid for reflexology for 15years but what price can one put on being pain free? I thank God the doctor recommended Rose and would say to anyone suffering from pain to give reflexology a go-it may work for you too.!

……………………….J Carey, Tyne&Wear. 2009

 Rose brings a warmth to every Yoga Class that enhances her obviously wide knowledge and understanding of yoga and the ability and needs of the class and each individual.  Her expertise in holistic therapies also adds another dimension. Her classes are enjoyable and rewarding.

…………………J Grant, Northumberland, 2012

When I started Rose’s class I had a stiff neck and shoulder and lower back pain. After three sessions all those things had gone. Rose really encourages us to listen to our bodies and so the class is as gentle or as strenuous as you want it to be. I usually arrive at the class feeling tired and drained. I always float home feeling reenergised and then I sleep like a baby!

……………………….A. Millner, Gateshead, 2013

 Rose has come to give me reflexology since I had a slight stroke end Feb. She has worked with me to manage tiredness/panic attacks/fear of going out etc. The muscles in my neck/shoulders/back became rock hard
& in addition to chiropractor visits Rose has worked to correct my posture walking /sitting & working the area in between chiropractic visits. There is now gradual improvement & my chiropractor admires her tremendously! Rose has helped me with breathing,relaxation & managing tension/stress. My ultimate aim is to return to my yoga class eventually. Rose has proved that her wealth of knowledge is invaluable to general well-being. She is wonderful!

…………………………..Grace Lee, Ryton, 2015

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