rose Romani demonstrates Sukhasana

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The September 2013 yoga retreat.


It's not all yoga, there are also opportunities to relax and pamper yourself.
It’s not all yoga, there are also opportunities to relax and pamper yourself.



Yoga Classes

The practice of yoga has been around for thousands of years. Yoga is based on the belief that mind, body and soul are interconnected, through yoga practice – asanas and awareness of breath we can attain a higher spiritual consciousness and inner-harmony. Yoga is excellent for relaxation and enhancing health and well-being.

Yoga is non competitive. Classes concentrate on listening to your body, developing an attitude of non-harming (ahimsa) towards body and mind, resting when you need to, not keeping up with anyone else and learning to listen to our body`s needs.

 Rose and the class during an early morining indoor yoga session, Italy

We have all experienced at some time, physical, mental and emotional problems, such as stress, anxiety, depression and low energy. Emotional problems can create real physical symptoms.

So we need to treat the Whole person, working on the underlying cause of the problem. Not just the individual symptoms experienced.

This is what is meant by Holistic Health Care.

Benefits of treatments:

            • Calms the mind
            • Deeply relaxing
            • Re-vitalising
            • Eases back pain
            • Improves breathing
            • Restores and balances energy
            • Helps digestive problems
            • Enhances well-being
            • Increased Self awareness
            • Opportunity for `time out`

Regular treatments help relieve:

            • Muscular and joint pain
            • Headaches and migraine,
            • Hormonal/fertility problems
            • Digestive problems


Helping you to cope with the pace of modern life.