Infertility and Pregnancy

I began working with a client 14 years ago who had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. For over 12 years she had tried to conceive and was becoming depressed as she had always wanted to be a mother. Having been given my telephone number by a friend who had benefited from treatments, she was open to “giving therapies a go”.

Originally I began giving Reflexology treatments and discovered sensitivity on the reflex point for the left ovary. After several treatments there was a marked difference. My client said her energy levels had increased and her menstrual cycle had become more regular. Within 5 months she had conceived! Her husband was really happy too.

I was asked to be her birth partner and I used Shiatsu points for pain management.
She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl…

Since then I have also used Shiatsu treatments to help many women who have problems conceiving. I have also used Shiatsu treatments with male infertility problems.

I have attended home and hospital births and seen many new babies arrive! I feel honoured to have been birth partner and helped many couples.

Most of the mums have said their babies have been placid and slept well.

Each client is unique and as treatments work by enhancing energy flow throughout the body, calming the mind and helping release anxiety around conceiving, treatments have been successful!

Some clients have had IVF and not been successful and have had Shiatsu and then conceived naturally. I love being able to help in this way.

reflexology can help with infertility issues Another reflexology baby, reflexology helps with fertility

To date 35 ladies have conceived!
16 boys and 11 girls including twins and at the moment another 2 pregnant!

It never ceases to amaze me – I love my job!


Success Stories


Helen and Daniel

I had experienced unexplained infertility for over ten years and had experienced one attempt with IVF which was not successful. I felt I could not go through with the IVF again as I had found it very stressful – they had had to use the highest doses of hormone stimulation due to my age. I had been told my history of infertility meant I only had a one in a hundred chance of conceiving naturally.

I spoke to Rose, and she agreed to try some Shiatsu treatments to help with conception. I began to receive treatments from Rose, and miraculously I became pregnant after two treatments (much to the amazement of the fertility clinic I had been attending – and everyone else too!). I continued to have Shiatsu throughout the pregnancy, which I found very relaxing and supportive.

I also asked Rose to provide Shiatsu during labour. I found the treatment really helpful. I am convinced that it helped to reduce the amount of pain relief I needed, and enabled me to have a normal delivery at 41 years of age with a first baby. Daniel is now eight years old, and recently on his baptism, we were delighted when Rose agreed to be a Godmother.

I continue to have regular Shiatsu treatments’ which I find very beneficial. I am always happy to refer friends and family to Rose, particularly if they are wanting to have a baby and experiencing difficulty in conceiving.

Throughout the last nine years we have always found Rose to be very professional and supportive.

…………………Helen Richardson, Northumberland.


Sarah and Malik

Shiatsu with Rose for me is about having some ‘me time’ where my mind body and spirit comes together and is nurtured and cared for. However their was a difference in the treatments while I was pregnant, it was an even more special time. I really felt I was connecting with my body and my baby, helping with bonding while he was still in the womb.

The Shiatsu treatment helped by balancing my energy, releasing tension on a physical level. Mentally I was balanced and felt emotionally calmer, which as you can appreciate benefits both you and your baby. After the treatment I often felt like a different person, light in my body, ready to cope with life and emotionally better about myself. Oh and the most fantastic nights sleep, which often becomes more difficult through pregnancy.

I also had Shiatsu during labour this was a great source of energy, it helped me to stay focused and supported me with my birth plan of not wanting additional pain relief if at all possible. It not only assisted me to relax and calm me down, it was a helpful way for my partner to get involved, really doing something to support me.

I would like to thank Rose for her continued love, support and healing energy throughout. I look forward to the next pregnancy and birth.

…………………………Sarah Addison, Tyne & Wear