Corporate Services

If you manage a workforce, you will know that your greatest asset is your staff any asset needs investment! A wonderful way of investing in your employees is to provide a corporate therapy day. This provides stress relief for them and increased productivity for you, also helping to reduce the number of days taken off due to sickness.

I can spend half a day giving 20minute treatments either Reflexology, Massage, or Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is given fully clothed either carried out on an on site massage chair or a futon on the floor.

Reflexology treatments, a treatment couch is used.

I would need a warm private room to work in.

Your staff will return to work calm and energised!

Please contact me for any more information.

If you would like a treatment yourself or to nominate a staff member for a full hour treatment in order to find out if a corporate therapy service would be beneficial for your team, I am happy to offer a discount for a treatment of your choice.


I also offer Yoga weekend retreats and Yoga Holidays, which involve gentle, non competitive yoga classes as well as the opportunity to book a therapy session with me. If you feel that something like this would benefit your workforce, then please do get in touch.