Literally translated Shi—means finger and atsu—means pressure. Shiatsu is a natural healing discipline from the same Oriental principles as Acupuncture.

Shiatsu stimulates the body’s natural healing processes to promote good health. Treatment is deeply relaxing and has an overall calming effect. It is primarily a preventative ‘medicine’ which helps maintain Health, Vitality and  Stamina. Shiatsu strengthens the vital organs and prevents energy from getting blocked in the body.
An imbalance in a person’s vital energy flow (known as ki in Japanese) may manifest in many ways, including s headache, back problems, insomnia or even mental depression.

In a Shiatsu treatment the practitioner applies pressure with hands, thumbs and sometimes knees and feet, along energy channels known as meridians.

By working along meridians, the practitioner enables energy to move to the places in need and disperses it from where it is congested – restoring balance to the whole body.
These meridians have been described as “channels of living magnetic energy”. They pass through the body and connect the vital organs. Although named after the vital organs the functions of the meridians are much wider and encompass the whole being at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Stretching techniques are used to ease joint stiffness and pain and to re-align the structure of the body and stimulate the body’s vital energy (ki).

Shiatsu is given with the client fully clothed, preferably wearing loose comfortable clothes of natural fibre to allow for movement. The client is asked to lie on a futon (soft mat) on the floor, although physical `disabilities will be taken into account.

Pregnancy is also a good time to receive Shiatsu. It can be used as pain relief during delivery. I have used it for both home and hospital births

Shiatsu allows the client, little by little, to take full responsibility for their own state of health.

Rose teaches Shiatsu in week-end workshops, contact her for more information.